Articles below contain a wealth of evidenced based information to help you make informed choices during pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Natural Induction of Labour

Natural Labour Induction Pineapple Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which has been scientifically shown to have various medicinal properties, but the induction of labour is not one of

Vaginal Exam during pregnancy and labour

The word EXAM is enough to make most peoples blood run cold, so why on earth would one be part of pregnancy and birth? Also known as a cervical check, vaginal check, internal

Sterile Water Injections for labour pain

Sterile Water Injections for Back Labour The use of sterile water for pain relief is more common in countries such as the United States, Scandinavia and Canada. In the United States, Sterile Water papules

Doula Care for a C-section

C-Section Doula Care A c-section is a very remarkable and sometimes overwhelming experience for both the mother and the father, so having a familiar, caring presence with you during

5 Tips for Coping with your Newborn Baby

This is my personal perspective. I really struggled to cope with the experience and since working as a doula over the last 10 years I have tried to figure out what the difference is

Alternatives to Plastic Umbilical Cord Clamps

Below is what the usual umbilical cord clamp used by most South African Hospitals. This kind of umbilical cord clamp is quite big, clunky and sometimes can cause discomfort for the baby if it

Cord Care without Surgical Spirits

Surgical Spirits, or rubbing alcohol, is still routinely used in South Africa as the standard method of caring for the umbilical cord despite many other countries (such as the United Kingdom) discontinuing the practice due


Homebirth This is a birth that happens in at a place which is not a medical facility ie. the mothers home or the house of a friend/family member. Prior to the mid-1900's childbirth always

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