Panorama Medi-Clinic Results

Planning vs Outcome: 

100% of survey takers planned a vaginal, non-medicate birth but 100% ended up with a c-section.

100% of survey takers reported the reason for this was because "I feel that due to pressures from this facility (attitudes of staff, the way in which the facility operates eg. understaffed, highly medicalised) that my outcome was changed from what I planned."

The reason why people chose this hospital: 100% said "It's location, convenience, cost, or because my care provider works from there"

C-Section Experience

Was your choice well supported by the staff at your facility? Some women have reported receiving nasty comments from staff about choosing to have a c-section, or the nurses have simply been very dismissive of women who experience anxiety about the surgery. Alternatively some staff can be quite supportive and caring. Please rate your overall experience with regards to this.

On a scale of 1 to 10,

with 1 being - They made the whole experience a nightmare

with 10 being - They were 100% supportive and caring towards me

The Average Rating by Survey Participants was: 3

Treatment of Newborns

100% of survey takers said:
  • My hospitals policy was that the baby first had to be weighed, measured and tested before I had contact with him/her
  • They do not routinely circumcise boys


100% of survey takers said:

  • a qualified Lactation Consultant visited me within 24 hours of giving birth
  • One a scale of 1 to 10 on how supportive they were of breastfeeding the score was: 7