Kingsbury Hospital Results

Average Overall Rating - 9 out of 10

Planned vs Outcome

100% of survey takers planned a Vaginal (medicated) birth

100% of survey takers had a C-Section as the eventual outcome

 Reason for choosing this facility

100% of survey takers said the reason for choosing this hospital was "My choices or needs for the birth (eg. c-section, special care facilities)"

They also agreed that "Although my desired outcome was not achieved, the facility itself was not an influencing factor."

C-Section Experience

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best experience) they scored : 10

What the theater is like:

  • Modern, clean, and generally good
  • There was a space for my birth partner to sit near me
How much participation of the mother does this facility allow during the birth? (this with reference to what is known as "natural c-section")
Permitted at this facility:
  • My partner was allowed to watch the baby being lifted from my belly

Not permitted at this facility:

  • The screen was dropped so I could see my baby being born
  • I was allowed to help lift my baby out of my belly
  • My partner was allowed to cut the cord

Treatment of Newborn

100% of survey takers reported:

  • The baby was immediately taken away to be weighed, measured and dressed before being brought to me
  • I was only allowed to hold my baby once I was back in my room