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Using a Birth Stool

Posted by Sarah Meder on Sunday, October 30, 2011, In : Active Birth 
A birth stool is a great addition to your options when having an active birth. It's probably one of the oldest birth tools around, as even the Goddess Isis is depicted in ancient carvings as giving birth on a birth chair, or stool.

 In fact, the modern origin of giving birth in the Lithotomy Position (ie. flat on back, legs apart) was the result of a certain King who found it to be the optimal position for his mistresses to give birth in for his viewing pleasure. As the role of birth moved fro...

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South African Unassisted Homebirth

Posted by Sarah Meder on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, In : Unassisted Birth 
This is a beautiful story of an unassisted homebirth by a woman living in South Africa. It contains photo's and also the most fantastic video of the little boy following the birth, who is very alert and peaceful!

Unassisted Homebirth Story (this link will take you do a different website - please use your browser "back" button to return)

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Homebirth Videos

Posted by Sarah Meder on Sunday, August 29, 2010, In : Homebirth 

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Home Birth Gathering

Posted by Sarah Meder on Sunday, July 25, 2010, In : Homebirth 

For those:

  • who have had a home birth
  • who have wanted a home birth
  • who are planning a home birth
  • whose home birth didn't go according to plan
  • who are thinking about having a home birth
  • who have ‘caught’ babies born at home
  • who have supported mothers giving birth at home
  • who are interested in home birth...

R30 per person,

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VBAC & the myth of "once a c-section, always a c-section"

Posted by Sarah Meder on Sunday, July 25, 2010, In : VBAC 
VBAC is an acronym for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and is pronounced "vee-back".

In the 1980's when medical interference with birth was at it's very highest and c-sections were being overwhelmingly common, there was no real research on the safety of having vaginal birth after the uterus had a scar on it. It was then that the saying "once a cesarean, always a cesarean" became known.

Today things are a little different. During the 1990's began the start of a movement where women started re-explo...
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Posted by Sarah Meder on Friday, July 10, 2009, In : Homebirth 

This is a birth which happens in at a place which is not a medical facility ie. the mothers home or the house of a friend/family member.

Prior to the mid-1900's childbirth always happened in the home and was attended by a midwife or the local GP.

People often question the safety of childbirth, and it is the responsibility of each and every woman considering this option to do her own research.

The conclusion that I, personally, came to was the following:

Prior to the m...

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Informed Choice

by Sarah This section of the website contains information on different ways of giving birth, including information from magazines and videos.