Although breast is best, there are cases where bottle feeding is necessary. It can be very daunting to figure out which brand of bottle to use - there are just so many and each with their own special purposes!

Some top tips for choosing a bottle:

  1.  Don't choose what bottle you will use before your baby is born. The chances are that you might go through 3, or 10, or 20 different bottles and teats before you find out which one your baby likes most. So it's your baby that actually chooses in the end! 
  2. Until you figure out which bottle your baby likes most, buy one bottle at a time. When you feed successfully from a bottle, only then should you buy multiple bottles.
  3. Remember that you are going to spend quite some time washing bottles. Some bottles, such as Dr Browns, consist of many different little parts that all need to be washed by hand with special bottle brushes. Unless this type of bottle is specifically something your baby has a preference for, or you feel it's best for feeding - try to avoid bottles with intricate designs. Rather opt for time-saving ones that can be put in a dishwasher (the temperature of the water also helps sterilize them)
  4. Silicone peristaltic teats often work well for babies who find drinking from a bottle quite difficult.
  5. Although they are expensive, consider buying an electronic bottle steamer rather than one which goes in the microwave. Microwave ones can only keep bottles sterile for 2-3 hours if it isn't opened after steaming. Electronic ones, such as in the case of the Avent steamer, can keep bottles sterile for 24 hours and there's less worry about scalding yourself with steam while in a sleep-deprived state!

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