Birth Plans have, over the years, been highly promoted by birth activists as a way the pregnant mother can take control of her birth and have her needs heard, instead of just being treated as a sick patient. While the intention of creating a birth plan is great, when it comes to the practical application of this, the plan generally gets thrown out the window.

As a Birthing From Within mentor we do not generally advocate the use of a birth plan, as we know just how unpredictable birth can be and that what is most important is that you be able to cope with whatever happens. Having researched various birth plans I have only ever found one that echo's what Birthing From Within's philosophy is when it comes to them.

The Blooming Birth plan also offers you an online tool that helps you delve into your fears and also doesn't focus on a specific outcome. Instead it helps you to plan for how you will deal with the good and the bad, so that you don't get left being overwhelmed by the situation.

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